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Jamming at the School Gym


Michael "Doc" Dosco, Chris Sills,Jim Llewellyn


Brian Ball, Jill Bellamy, Dale Unger,Jim L, Greg Gunhold, Jim Irwin

Poet, later became Ruby Cat

Bob Savela, Michael "Doc" Dosco, Jim Llewellyn


Hammersmith Press Kit Picture


Mercury Recording Act Hammersmith

Hammersmith Album Cover

Mercury Records

Hammersmith Sound Check

Sound Check Cincinnati

Hammersmith Sound Check

Sound Check Cincinnati

Hammersmith On Stage Cincinnati

Warming up for Jethro Tull

Hammersmith Backdrop

Taken in Charlotte NC


Dawni Martens, Barry & Ferdie Brathwaite, Michael "Doc" Dosco, Jim Llewellyn


Dawni Martens, Barry & Ferdie Brathwaite, Dennis Green, Jim Llewellyn

Hickory 1977

Billy O'Connell, Steve Werbicki, Cal Poole, Larry Janzen, Jim Llewellyn

The Allan Sisters (CBC Tommy Hunter Show)

Western Canadian Tour 1977-78


Sherry Kennedy, Nance Page, Hugh Mitchell, Jim Llewellyn


Convention Centre

With Gaye Delorme at SAIT

Alberta College of Art 1979

Celebration Thunder Roads Studio

Lynda Lewis, Peter Marley, Hugh McMillan, Jim Llewellyn

Celebration Home Cookin' Show

Lynda Lewis, Peter Marley, Hugh Mitchell, Jim Llewellyn

The Pepper Ridge Boys

Bob Robertson, Derry Stewart, Jim Hennessy, Jim Llewellyn

The Boys

Cal Poole, Travis Haugen, Jim Llewellyn


Terry Kushner, John Clark, Larry Alton, Jim Llewellyn

Lil Blues Kim and the Triple Teaz

Mike and Kim Retallick, John Heals, Jim Llewellyn

Black Cherry Perry Shamrock Jam

"Black Cherry" Perry Gangur, John Heals, Mike Retallick, Jim Llewellyn

Carson Cole

Stampede at the Shamrock 2010

Jay Coda Walker

Halloween Concert 2010

Jammin at the Blues Can

Peter Johnson,Paul Dean(Loverboy),J L,Greg Godovitz(Goddo)


Chelsea's March 4 2011

Mardi Gras 2012

Black Cherry Perry Mississippi Medicine Show

Canada Day Prince's Island 2012

Glen Moman, Perry Gangur, JL, Michael Lee

Jim and Jenna Llewellyn Cross

Doing a double drum thing with my daughter at Hexters


John Heals, Tracy Emms, JL, Carolynn Gilbert

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