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Hi-hat Solo

A short Hi-Hat solo

Your Device

Original song by Dark Horse

Al's Bolero

An online collaboration with Alan Mix

Payback Rap

A little rap/funk thing with Payback using my Phoenix Popcorn snare

Long & McQuade Clinic

Solo from Long & McQuade University series March 2014

One Way Out Solo  

Solo from One Way Out by the Allman Brothers

 9/8 Solo

HHere is a short solo in 9/8 inspired by some of Frank Zappa's odd time signatures

Evil Ways 

HA cover of Santana's Evil Ways with some drum breaks at the end

Snare and Bass Drum Solo  

II thought I would do a little snare and bass drum solo to feature my new Phoenix Drum Company Fat Turbo Cat Hammered Brass Snare Drum

Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 

A cover of Santana's Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen with a little soloing at the end


My daughter Jenna and I playing our version of the drum part for King Crimson's Thrak. Jenna plays 5 bars of 7/8 while I play 7 bars of 5/8. Then we switch, and switch and switch before ending

Rumors of War

A little groove I did using odd groupings. I was reading a book by the name and thought the title suited.







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