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Posters, Photos and other stuff

Here you'll find all kinds of photos from my scrapbook, album covers, stage passes, articles etc.

Playing at the Drumheller Legion with Slim Damon and Lawrence (Last name?) 16 years old.  

Jamming with my brother Wayne on guitar 1971 

My first Musician's Union Card. I was very proud of it. At that time everyone was in the union or you did not work. The union would send out a book every year with all the player's names and instruments that they played. I used that book many times to find work and would also get calls for work through them. They had a bulletin board you could post on with the type of music you were looking to play. Another common bit of information posted  was "Read or Fake" in case it was charts.

Here are some adds from the newspaper for Tyler and Life Line. I remember getting my first standing ovation for a drum solo at the Airliner.

Look at the picture of "Tree" and see if you can find Dennis Davies, another good drummer and friend of mine. Tyler used to rehearse in his basement, because our bass player lived with him.

There was two full pages in the Calgary Herald at that time advertising all the bands playing in all the venues. Notice that the Airliner alone had 4 bands playing 6 nights a week employing at least 11 musicians and you could only get these gigs or any others through an agent. Competition was fierce for all gigs but the good players worked all the time.

Another newspaper add. The agent booked Tyler (see picture in my band pictures page) into a "Dine and Dance" room. We showed up dressed all wrong, played the wrong material ( rock and some original ) and were too loud! I think we lasted 3 nights of the six before we were let go.

This is the poster for Storm. I don't have any pictures of the band unfortunately, but we played all over BC and Alberta and the rhythm section played with Bo Diddley.

Here is one picture of me playing with Storm at McEwan Hall, University of Calgary. Note that I was playing with the blunt ends of the sticks. The drums were rarely miked and I had to beat the crap out of them to be heard when competing with guitars and keyboards amplified to the max.

Herald Article on Storm with Bo Diddley 1973



Poster from Sylvan Lake with Chilliwack.

Something changed on the date because we did a double bandstand and Chilliwack were the headliners.

Another Poster from Storm

As you can see we had just warmed up for Freddie King at the Jubilee Auditorium (South)



Poet did all original music and  became Ruby Cat to play some commercial Music


 Hammersmith Album Cover Front 1975

Hammersmith Album Cover Back1975

Bob Ego played drums on several of the songs that were recorded earlier as Painter but was never credited on the album. We changed the name to Hammersmith and I finished the rest of the album in the studio in Vancouver. They can be found on my links page. 

Bob Ego,  drummer for Painter, Hammersmith, prior to me, and award winning band Streetheart with me March 2010. A great drummer and good friend.

Hammersmth then went on some US Tours warming up for all the top acts of the time.


The add above was in Billboard Magazine Sept 1975

Cover page from the Hammersmith Press Kit sent out by Mercury Records to stadiums.

Another Magazine article. Not sure where this one came from.

This was from Creem Magazine Dec 1975. Just below and to the right of us is a review for a new Rush album.

Enlargement of the Creem Magazine review.

Here are some of the stage passes I managed to save. 

I cannot remember who we played with at the Michigan Palace.

Black Oak Arkansas in Memphis Tennessee.

Rod Stewart and the Faces in New Orleans

With Spirit in Cocoa Beach Florida and Salt Lake City.

We also played with them in Tampa Florida.



Two Stage passes from the Band Kansas.

The Springfield Missouri date also had Leslie West with Carmine Appice on Drums for a triple bandstand. 


We played about 10 dates with Jethro Tull

Barrie Barlow and me on the Tull tour. A great drummer and such a nice person.

Circus magazine article 1976. Of course they got it all wrong, calling Martin Barre the drummer instead of Barrie. Of course I never turned it down and everything was ready to go in Brussels where we would start recording the next album. It was Barrie that told Ian Anderson he should use me when he left. When Barrie decided to stay I was very disappointed but Barrie made the right decision for himself at the time.

This was from Rolling Stone Magazine. Apparently Paul McCartney was in disguise at the Starwood Club in LA watching us play! 


Shango in Action Magazine 1976


Shango played two concerts with J.J. Cale at the Jubilee Auditoriums Edmonton and Calgary


A Single from Karen and 20/20 that I recorded with them.

I was playing with Rick Nelson and the Raiders at a house gig. When the club cut the budget for the band I was replaced with a drum machine. Joe Warmington, a Sun columnist and reporter that still works for the Toronto Sun put this mock up page together for me. They did bring the real drums back !



One of Kim Retallick's Posters


Jay Coda Walker Halloween 2010. Mike Retallick and I were Jay's rhythm section.




At the Blues Can with Greg Godovitz (Goddo) and Paul Dean ( Loverboy) Feb 2011  



Carrying on the musical tradition here is a picture of my beautiful daughter Jenna playing at one of her gigs.






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